East Falls Green Complete Streets Policy and Design

Client: The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society & East Falls Development Corporation
Location: East Falls, PA

Under contract to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and with funding from the William Penn Foundation, Meliora Design led a series of design charettes on "Green Streets and Complete Streets" for various Philadelphia agency representatives, including the Philadelphia Water Department, Streets Department, SEPTA, PaDEP, City Planning and others. The workshops were also attended by agency professionals from the surrounding municipalities as well representatives from NYC and Seattle. More recently, this funding has been expanded to include more detailed design. The workshops and design focus on Midvale Avenue in the East Falls neighborhood, which represents a variety of uses found throughout the City and Schuylkill Watershed. The intent of the workshops was threefold: first, to develop designs that manage stormwater while also addressing "complete street" issues such as traffic calming, pedestrians, bicycles, and economic development. Second, to identify issues related to design constraints, code issues, conflicting uses, maintenance, etc. which prevent wider application of "complete streets". And third, to foster collaborative discussion between agency representatives to address these issues. The workshops successfully advanced these issues and currently the design team is incorporating these issues into a "Green Streets and Complete Streets" design.