Greening Greenfield SChool

Client: Greening Greenfield Committee of the Home and School Association
Location: Philadelphia, PA

At the Albert M. Greenfield School in Center City, Philadelphia, Meliora provided the site and stormwater engineering that helped to transform the asphalt yard area into a public space that provides better play spaces, community greening, environmental education, and “green infrastructure” stormwater management. Building on the concepts set forth in the Community Design Collaborative study, portions of the existing hardscape area were converted to porous rubber play areas, while much of the paving remained and was directed to bioretention and planting areas. Porous brick pavers and recycled materials were used to “open up” the entrance, while climbing structures designed by students protect plants from balls and feet. Trees support stormwater reduction while providing shade and green space. The project meets the Water Department goals for 1-inch capture, and has become model for green infrastructure retrofits.