Saddler's Woods Stormwater Management

Client: The Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Location: Haddonfield, NJ

Saddler's Woods is a 25-acre preserved woodland located in the very dense urban-suburban area of Haddonfield, NJ. Saddler's Run, a small stream flowing through Saddler's Woods, has been impacted by development in the surrounding area and the associated increased volume of stormwater runoff. From these erosive stormwater flows, the health of many parts of the woodland stream has been compromised and several deep gullies have formed. To alleviate these issues, Meliora is designing measures at the sources of runoff prior to taking action to restore the stream. A series of bioretention areas near the Van Sciver Elementary School will manage runoff from an adjacent road and parking lot. Also, a subsurface storage bed will manage road runoff at a township water tower site.

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