University of Pennsylvania Locust Walk

Client: The University of Pennsylvania
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Locust walk is a main throughway of Penn's campus that connects many of the University's schools and centers and also serves as the location of various university activities such as Graduation and Alumni Day Processions and Homecoming. Since the walk was created by closing Locust Street to vehicular traffic in the 1960's, much of the underlying utilities and city infrastructure still exist under the walk. Also, the reconstruction and renovation of segments of the walk over several decades has resulted in a patchwork of existing conditions. Meliora was engaged with Penn to provide civil engineering site design and stormwater management design for the walk renovation. Meliora began the process by evaluating the current condition of the walk to determine the extent of the renovations required. Meliora also provided stormwater management expertise by instigating discussions with Penn and the Philadelphia Water Dept. to create a design that will manage runoff from the walk utilizing existing tree credits and safe conveyance on the iconic thoroughfare.

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