University of Pennsylvania Shoemaker Green

Client: The University of Pennsylvania
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Meliora Environmental Design is assisting in the design of Shoemaker Green, a new passive green open space on Penn's Campus. Meliora is designing stormwater measures that capture runoff generated by new and existing impervious surfaces into site and landscape features throughout the project area. These stormwater practices include directing stormwater to landscape features to support trees, lawn, and formal rain garden planting areas. Shoemaker Green is a major project that will serve to reduce the University's Stormwater fees significantly by including stormwater practices that address not only Shoemaker Green, but also the stormwater generated by surrounding areas. The design will maximize capture of runoff from the surrounding buildings as well as part of adjacent 33rd street. This includes rain gardens and a rainwater harvesting cistern to reduce potable water use for irrigation needs. The project will be certified under the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

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