City of Wilmington Green Infrastructure Implementation Plan

Client: The City of Wilmington
Location: Wilmington, DE

Meliora Design prepared a Green Infrastructure Implementation Plan for the CSO 4A Sewershed in northwest Wilmington for the Department of Public Works. The objective of the plan is to outline GI interventions that are designed to reduce the volume of runoff entering the sewer system, and enhance water quality by managing the 1.5-inch storm from over 30 acres of impervious surface in the sewershed. A critical component of this effort is identifying projects that can meet water capture goals while also improving public spaces or dovetailing with other proposed efforts. When feasible, this approach provides the greatest public benefit for the funds expended.

The planning process identified numerous project types and locations in the sewershed, and developed conceptual plans for three of the sites. GI measures include stormwater tree trenches in the right-of-way, restoring a swale to a series of proposed bioretention areas, and a playground retrofit with subsurface infiltration. The pilot sites, designed to manage the 1.5-inch storm, capture runoff from over 11 acres of impervious surface. An additional tree trench identified in the Plan has been designed by Meliora, with construction scheduled for late summer 2012.

The Plan serves as an instrument for growth and change by capturing ideas and possibilities, building consensus, and providing project strategies to meet long-term goals established by the City of Wilmington. Once implemented, the pilot projects will serve as showcase examples for the City of Wilmington and New Castle County as a whole.

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